Stay Back! Overwatch Console VoD Review


In this Overwatch VoD Review we take a look at a top 500 Xbox player and whether or not it’s possible to play Ana with a controller.

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  1. I play on ps4. My sensitivitty is slightly lower than default and I have pretty good aim with it (64% with ana) but all the vidoes say that high sensitivity is best on console. whenever I try turning it up my aim is sh*t and i cant play comp. is it worth getting used to it ?

  2. Hey so I am a masters player on Xbox and I find it is actually easier to aim at a medium or shorter range on a console compared to those longer range shots you were talking about as far as aim goes. But yes for positioning you are 100% correct!

  3. I got a character pick question for you. Say it's hanumura or eichenwalde and our team needs a Rein but no one picks him. The problem is that I would pick Rein, but I'm so bad with him taht our team probably has a better chance if I didn't. Do I pick Rein anyway take the loss and hope to get better in the future. Or do I try to play around it and pick someone I'll actually contribute with?

  4. Dude your videos (especially these VoD reviews) are fantastic, I've learned so much since I found your channel, I didn't even realise the depth this game went to. I'm in Gold (around 2150SR) and I was trying to find tips that would help me play better that involved tiny things I can adjust, but after finding your channel I've learned that I haven't got stuff like crosshair placement and positioning nailed down, as well as looking at enemy team composition and focusing different heroes accordingly.

    Thanks for the videos man! It's much appreciated and it's nice to see someone helping the community like this

  5. i belive the difference is just that most of the ppl now a days have easly more then a decade using a mouse then a controller. And easly mistake experience with handling.
    if you can't turn fast with controller adjusting the sensitivity can be a key factor.

  6. I've played both and I prefer the console. I do have to say that using the controller forces me to compensate aiming issues with positioning and map movement. It is very possible to do quick snaps and drag scoping with a controller, you have to be very disciplined and know what sensitivities work for you. AND practice. Really the only trouble I find is doing 180 turns and again that's where positioning, map movement, and player awareness come into play.

    I love that you give attention to the console players and even take the time to point out the differences between console and pc gameplay. It's super refreshing to have decent analysis without the "pc-masterrace" rhetoric in discussions like this. I hope you continue to post videos for both pc and console and keep up the awesome work.

  7. Sky, I'm a little confused. In this video, you're telling our hero to stay back more often when playing Ana because it's easier to scope aim and also it's generally safer for an Ana to stack back to avoid getting in the line of fire. However, on your VoD Review 8: Ana on Eichenwald (Platinum) video, you mention early on that our hero is doing great despite not scoping at all. In addition, you also praise his/her positioning often despite being so close to the battle; and even mentioning that "Ana is better kinda up close". Now my question is, As a Platinum Ana/Lucio main (played about 26~ hours total in Overwatch) which one should I really be prioritizing? To find a good spot and scope or to stay somewhere close to the fight like the VoD Review 8? I saw on your All You Need To Know About Ana Video, that I should be sitting further back and scoping as much as possible because it's hitcan and overall superior to unscoped. But after watching the VoD Review 8 and hearing "Ana is better kinda up close", I am a little confused. Thank you for making these videos!

  8. Really interesting Review 🙂 It's surprising how good his aim is for a controller! 😮 I never really thought about how all the hero's work there xD. I played once with some friends on Ps4 and took Lucio, it was awful from my view, but my friends told me i was incredible (i tired to do a lot wall ride stuff :D). You should not forget that on console they have aim assist, and i really don't know how it works with ana. When he stays further back and aims at the group, does the aim assist focus the enemy or the team? Will it go on the people that are at the nearest of his position?
    Ps.: I think I will send you a Video soon of my play ^.^/

  9. Suggestion. Leave a link to your "How to send a VoD" video in every description. I seriously am getting tired of that question being repeated over and over.

  10. Hey Skyline ! I have very good Mccree stats on masteroverwatch, my accuracy damage and headshots per minute are very good. But I am stuck in Platinum. It must have a reason. I am doing something wrong. Would you like to review one of my ganes ?

  11. as a console player making the transition to pc, I don't necessarily feel like aiming is strictly easier on pc. I think a huge part of the difference comes down to really big flicks like you said, but also making small adjustments rapidly enough for them to be effective. this doesn't really feel like it matters that much with aim assist but trying to land headshots with widow on console feels genuinely awful after playing pc. I don't really feel like it ever matters that much with ana tho

  12. Can confirm, I used your Ana guide to play Ana on console for mid diamond to low masters… regularly get 65%+ unscoped, and 75% scoped accuracy, and even have done some crazy stuff like sleep darting ulting Soldiers, or similar now.

    I don't think controller handicaps you that much, despite it probably being easier to do on KB/M… also worth noting, DSPStanky says he can't do the crazy dodges on console due to how aim assist helps so much for medium+ range and thats why he dies more often there, in addition to it being less smooth.

  13. What i do on controller that works pretty well is strafe. Like you, still need to move the camera, but if place your cross hair before your engagement, then it's pretty easy to hit shots by strafing because console players don't move around as much. If they jump, they're almost always not aiming at you while they're in the air, and if they try to hit you while they're in the air, then they have to aim back when they hit the ground. Strafing allows you to avoid getting hit. Actually, just walking in circles works pretty well too. It makes you harder to hit from all angles. You don't have to be good at aiming, you just have to be better at aiming than your opponents. The other thing that helps, is letting opponents come through the choke point and cross fire them. If you're caught in cross fire, the only thing you can do is speed boost through it and get behind your tanks, but you run the risk of getting stuck in even more cross fire.

  14. Dude i cant thank you enough. It was really helpful <3. Ill work on my positioning (and my sleep darts) and let you know how well i do at the end of the season with Ana.

  15. Skyline, your vids are fantastic, and I really like your approach and tone of your videos. For example, the Your Overwatch guys (who I am also a fan of) are so over the top and grandiose. You sound calm and just like you know wtf you're talking about without having to ham it up.

  16. One thing that occurred to me is that by playing with a controller, you have a max rotational speed, and the control is no where near as fine as a mouse. By increasing the distance between you and your target, what you are doing is decreasing the angular velocity, thus you need a lower spin-speed/movement-amount in order track your target. Eve players know what I'm talkin' bout, I imagine.

  17. hey man, I stumbled upon your channel recently, and I like the content. I play on PC US East Coast, I am a Diamond tier player and my goal this season is to hit 3500. I've been playing a lot of Dva, and all solo q. Any tips to help me break into masters, or is it a lost cause playing solo q?