Shadder2k as Reinhardt in Volskaya Industries [Season 2 – Master – 17 eliminations]


➽ Watch and learn how Shadder2k [Season 2 – Master – 17 eliminations] plays as one of the best Overwatch players with his amazing reactions at the map Volskaya Industries. His hero pick in this match is Reinhardt. He has eliminated 17 people and earned 2 silver medals. Can you learn from his gameplay and use his tips and tricks to get better yourself at playing Reinhardt in Overwatch at the map Volskaya Industries?

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➽ Possessing a jolly and outgoing disposition, Reinhardt is a rather imaginative juggernaut, always wanting to bring hope and ambition towards the people. He lives by a code of valor and justice, much like the crusaders of medieval history. Although he is at an old age, he never wants to admit it and vows to fight until his last breath, according to his interactions with Mercy. He also…