Season 3 Placement + Overwatch Funny Moments


This is! Totally carried the placement matches :3

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Dr – I Keep Holding On
Daniel Rosty – Apocalypse

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  1. OMG I CLICKED ON THE VIDEO NOT KNOWING IT WAS YOU JEEEEESUS!!! I loved watching your vids when i was into it but i slowly stopped watching along with you. I know you probally wont see this but i really enjoy your work and effort you put in your vids and i hope you continue. 😀 i couldnt stop laughing but it became clear why i was when i saw that yt icon

  2. so ive notice you use some of eastern asian keyboards so that most likely deducts that your native language is one of the diverse eastern asian but the subtitles you edit in are english. So which language do you use more?