ScottDvp Plays – Overwatch – With BigBen and Josh – PS4 LIVE


This stream is classed as NSFW, meaning there will be swearing and dirty jokes. You’ve been warned, please don’t complain about it.

BigBen -

Josh –

If you want to play with us, let me know in the chat. I’ll add the people I think will be the most mature and subscribers get first refusal.

That being said, there are rules.
Most Important Rules:
NO RACISM. No, you can’t say the n-word. It doesn’t matter your skin colour, or ethnic origin just leave it out of the stream. We’re here to have fun and enjoy ourselves.
NO BELITTLING EACH OTHER. I get that people have difference of opinions but I really don’t think personal attacks are a way to prove your point. It makes you look stupid and I hope people can argue about a topic, not each others flaws.
NO POLITICS/RELIGIOUS DISCUSSIONS. Very much for the same reason as above. They are both topics that can cause heated…