Roundtable Live! – 1/6/2017 (Ep. 72)


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Roundtable playlist:

6:12 – Steam’s Top 100 Sellers of 2016 (
16:40 – GDC Awards Nominees (
33:56 – Thargoids in Elite Dangerous (
39:08 – Most Anticipated Games of 2017
1:16:05 – Glittermitten Grove/Frog Fractions 2 (
1:25:59 – Oculus Touch (
1:33:38 – Afterbirth+ (
1:54:44 – Ask Roundtable (Thanks Zacharias! Send questions to…



  1. Honestly, what is wrong with playing while in the flow chart? I mean when you play a game for hundreds of hours you just have to be decent enough to get through runs easily. How would you ever balance that? I mean NL still died with the keeper now and then so isn't that the way to make it difficult? Isaac for me was always about the items, about the synergies and the fun to be had, but afterbirth + just seems to take away that fun in favour of difficulty. that isn't a good thing.

  2. I can't properly express how happy I am that Total war Warhammer made platinum. Maybe now GW will learn to stop shelling out their IP to dev teams that are to small to do them justice.

  3. RE: Antibirth devs know what the Isaac community wants

    No. They don't. They made an alternate path with about… what… 6 or 7 bosses? They made slightly harder floors and then they made a bunch of items that easily make you overpowered. Half of their items are, "_____, but better!" To top it all off, they went on some kneejerk reactions to AB+ the day of the release with one of them calling the final boss an, "inhuman pile of garbage," which, no matter what context that's in, is mighty high-horse of them.

    I didn't want a better lemon party. I didn't want a better jar of tears. I didn't want a boring alternate path that plays the exact same way with such a small selection of bosses that you have a stupid high chance of running into the same bosses multiple runs in a row. I didn't want an, "ending," that basically says, "Ha ha guys we're so quirky and fourth wall breaking, look at our reference to the fact that this is a roguelike and you play it over and over, it's the title screen again guys ha ha!"

    What I want is balance. I want ways to break the game and I want ways to be powerful quickly, but I want them to require risk. Antibirth doesn't give you that. Antibirth gives you numerous ways to become stupidly powerful stupidly fast.

    This isn't saying AB+ is coming out clean on any of this. It doesn't. But it's a much better balanced experience that needs tweaking (and will actually get it), rather than a mod that people are going nuts over simply because of the large numbers associated with it and the novel concepts that are just that– novel and nothing more.

  4. If you watch interviews with Matt and Trey, they seem to be incredibly libertarian in their politics. I would assume that is why they ramp up the offence as the PC police became more prevalent, in an attempt to push back.

  5. Hey Baer, thanks for continuing to shout me out even when, like this week, the money situation was a bit tight and Patreon payment didn't go through (it will be fixed this coming week though). It's really appreciated and I will continue to support you all in any way possible <3.

  6. I would say, the balance changes to the Binding of Isaac could have been made by making sure that as few items override the other ones as possible. For an example, even in Afterbirth+, brimstone nullifies any range and shot speed upgrades. It also nullifies cupid's arrow. It would be much more satisfying if the default brimstone would be the result of combination of item synergies and stat upgrades.
    It's worse with flying. 3 transformations and all 7 passive items grant you permanent flying ability and therefore can override not only each other, but also active flying items (2 of them are temporary). In addition, they make ladder and magneto item useless. It could be fixed by making the passive flying items activate with only certain conditions.

    Also, things like pyromaniac is very overpowered. It could easily be split into 2 items: One that grants you invulnerability to bombs and other one that lets you use an explosion to heal once per room that recharges after you've cleared a room.

  7. I'm sad we've still got a whole year to wait for Indivisible – though I'm glad 2017 is looking like it'll be pretty solid through the year. (Plus I've still got so many 2016 games to catch up anyway!)