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PVP Live:

It’s no secret that Sombra’s on the low end of the Overwatch meta since day one, despite all of the hype around the character’s release.

While Blizzard has been working on fixes to her kit, like reducing the channel time of Hack to .8 seconds, they are aware of fan complaints that this might not be enough.

Responding to fan complaints about Sombra’s kit, Jeff Kaplan said:
We have some other changes we are discussing trying. We see the current changes as a step in the right direction.

Some suggestions on how to fix sombra from fans include Increased damage done to hacked targets by Sombra, Translocator’s cooldown starting when Sombra throws the beacon, EMP going through walls, and Disabling Ultimates, acting like a true Silence.

The first two seem pretty viable – but the other two might be a tad overpowered. What do you think Blizzard has up their sleeve to fix this hacking hero?

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  1. she should be able to shoot right out of invisibility. no delay. also, don't announce "que onda" or some shit to let the enemy team know that you've just gone invisible or something.