Overwatch: When to SWAP OFF Healer


Happy 2017! This is a new series from Your Overwatch called “Your Coach” where we review submitted gameplays. In this first episode, we look at the demise of a team on Anubis. 2CP takes a ton of coordination (or luck) to win out on point B and in this video we’ll discuss the errors of the team and possible swaps that could’ve gotten more value than the public-matchmaking-meta-approved 2-healer combo. Knowing that you MUST get speed boost value on Lucio is a huge information advantage. If you can’t coordinate it, likely you’ll simply have more impact on the team doing something else, even if it tilts the team by having only one healer. A tilted team with a chance to win is better than an approved team comp that sadly loses, in my eyes anyway. -F

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  1. a amp it up heal can get every character who isn't a tank to nearly full health.he's basically a Zen that can heal the whole team. to say you rather he stay on speed boost is ignoring the advantage of instantly having your whole team suddenly with more health at once.

  2. Love this video. Everything you said is exactly what my buddies and I face when paired with randos in comp. I love the honesty and straight forwardness you give in the video too. Especially comments about not using Lucio for speed boost. Bravo, keep them coming! I would love to see a video regarding combating stubborn teammates who continue to play the same shitty heroes. Like, what can we do to counter a shitty hanzo or genji on our team?

  3. I just got into comp this season but I have been playing since May of last year. I would definitely be interested in sending in some gameplay for critique as I would be very interested in getting better. I also don't have an eye for seeing what heroes would help in different scenarios yet but I guess that would come with more experience.

  4. So I don't know what kind of platinum players you coach, I am in platinum and all of my friends have more below average ranks but even they know its not the best idea ever to try to 1 vs 6 the enemy team as Winston. Like this is frustrating watching these guys just walk in carelessly into the point you said at the beginning to send in matches that you are unsure of why you lost but anyone with half a brain would know what his team did wrong.

    Oh ya and nice vid

  5. idea for ana/mercy balancing: give one of the grenades abilities to mercy. i would advocate for her to get the antihealing aspect and to nerf the ana healing boost to she can't heal so absurdly much.

    the other option is to give mercy the healing boost. in that case, we could keep the amount of boost the same because the crazy healing with ana would take more coordination.

    i think in either case, the anti healing needs to be nerfed. either by decreasing duration or changing to so that it slows healing but doesn't stop it completly.