Overwatch w/ Commander Holly: Skirmish – PART 2 – Steam Train


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  1. i really love!!! (sarcasm) how theyre shit talking their opponents and mercy for being bad when theyre all low levels. if theyre beginners theyre obviously not gonna be good. a lot of shit just because a level 200+ can easily beat level 1-20s

  2. I feel that what Suzy said about teammates asking you to join team chat being a bad idea only works if you're in quickplay. If you're in a competitive match and you're not in teamchat, don't get surprised if halfway through the game you join the teamchat and people are angry.

    This series is nice and chill though, I like it. I love seeing anything overwatch.

  3. I really like the Game Grumps (channel), but I find this toxicity to the other players just well.. toxic. They're new (probably, according to their levels). You can't expect them to be superb at this game. Just imagine if one of the players is a GG's fan and they got this game because of you. Then, they see this and you all hating on them calling them shit. Think about how that'd feel. Think before you say toxic stuff on a popular YouTube channel. Won't get a good reaction. =/

  4. I'm sure someone else already explained it, but smurfing came from one of the warcraft games were two professional players played on low level accounts in order to take a break from playing against others in competition with a similar skill level and demolish the other team easily. It's called smurfing because the two usernames they went by on those accounts were Papa Smurf and Smurfette.

  5. So this series of them playing Overwatch is just a cover for them to act like children while calling the other team "babies"? I'm very confused and was pushed to actually down vote episodes of GG. I mean seriously Suzy has a terrible attitude and that ruined this episode for me. I at least liked the into and I'll check out holly's channel. I just think I'll take a break from the current GG videos and wait for them to find something fun again. The supplementary grumps are boring as heck.

  6. Suzy claiming she had play of the game: Kills 2 people with assistance from 3 team members
    DVA getting play of the game: Kills 4 people solo with ult
    Suzy: "Bullshit, I feel robbed"

    I dunno Suzy, that was actually a pretty damn good DVA play