Overwatch | Is Zenyatta Too Good? (Discussion)


Zenyatta has been buffed and is incredibly strong in the PTR. Join us for a 20 player killstreak as Zenyatta and discuss the hero’s new changes.

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  1. I really don't think he's OP, when Genji, Tracer, reaper and winston are still great counters to him, if your team isn't on the ball/too split up, it's still pretty easy for a flanker to take out a zen.

  2. A bit less dmg for a bit more healing should be great. Or why not add something like -20% dmg take on the target for the healing org instead of boost heal ?
    Can be a great pick if right use for some push or counter some ulti on ur tank.
    I'm quite new, i play healer only (so Zenya, lucio, ange and a bit ana), its just my pov :)

  3. Zenyatta is pretty good now, and I'd argue he's the most powerful character to use when mastered. His DPS is monstrous, and if the player has good aim, there's no real counter to him. Even a Tracer or sniper would have to watch out if he spots them.

  4. before the patch, zenyatta was my most played character, having 20+ hours on him, but with the new patch that was released, I almost never play him. With his damage nerf, ALONG with the huge projectile hit scan nerf made him even worse against flankers and can no longer protect himself. Mostly the only times I see a zenyatta now is because they just want to try out his changes

  5. Zennyatta was always really strong just too easy to stop. You needed to be exceptionally good at positioning to make him work, but once you had that you could carry games on your own. He did not needed anything more than a bit of survivability. It feels he got too much

  6. As always, a pleasure to be a part of the discusssion; thanks, guys. I think Zen's overall action speed is a few micros too much. Before, he was considered an easy target / NOW, if you're not eyes on in a 1 V 1 ; his new quickness combined with the buffed transcendence & other abilities is a couple of notches too OP. Maybe a couple of micros dialed down would be a perfect balance.

  7. I think his complete lack of mobility, outside of his sparingly used ultimate, still makes him a pretty easy target. Also, even with the increase to his health he still has one of the lowest health pools in the game and is really easy to shred with a flanker like Tracer, Genji, or even with a few well placed rockets by Pharah from a distance.

  8. He is in a perfect place, he is still able to be killed almost as quickly and his ult actually denies Pharah's ult kills now. The people that claim that he is unbalanced now are the people not used to him existing long enough to be a problem (considering stray junkrat grenades and pharah rockets killed him). What I find funny is that the people complaining about Zen are more often than not saying reaper isn't viable because of the patch, despite him still being a hard counter to Zen.

  9. Even after the buff I still see less Zenyata players, so for me it's a great buff.
    Support Heroes doesn't mean they have to be fragile and useless. (except for the Healing, that's useful)