Overwatch Character Impersonations – LucariosKlaw


Are you ready to join the watch? If you already have, you’re probably already familiar with the many heroes within the game Overwatch. With that being said, here are some of my impressions of them! I was challenged by a few of my fellow voice actors to give them a go since they already had, and since I was already a fan of the game, I happily obliged. Enjoy!

Instrumental track is from the Overwatch Epic Rap by Dan Bull.



  1. 32.33 repeating ofcause? Didnt know they put another leeroy jenkins faster egg in a game, but what can i say? Leeroy Jenkins will forever stay in our World of warcrafter's hearts. But time's up, lets do this, Leeeeeroy Jenkins!!!!!!!!!<br /><br />Zane: omg she just ran in<br />Genji: stick to the plan!!!<br />Deathwing: yes!!! Die die die!!!!<br />Reaper: thats my line!!<br />BEN DROWNED: is it too late now to say sorry?<br />Me: why am i Posting this?<br />Gene: because.<br />Dante: bacause what?<br />Gene: because because.<br />Me: yes, very helpfull<br />Gene: i think so too<br />Zane: katenara can you please stop putting useless sentences under your comment? <br />Me: so your sentence is useless<br />Zane: :T<br />Sub-zero: just stop.<br />Me: what if i dont<br />Chat noir: KATENARA ATE ZANE'S CUPCAKES<br />Zane: you did what?!<br />Me: adrien rly?<br />Zane: GET OVER HERE!!!!<br />Me: zane turned into scorpion…<br />Zane: come here young Lady!!!!!!! looking like a dad<br />Me: ahh no!!! FUß RO DAH!!!<br />Odahviing: you name is dovahnara, kateborn.<br />Me: very funny<br />Zane: just stop, no one is going to Read that crap anyway.<br />Me: fine! I could Post it on wattpad if you want!!!<br />All: no!!!!<br />Me: see! But fine, i stop<br /><br /><br />(sorry not sorry)