Inklings in Super Smash Bros. Switch – Moveset Theory


We analyse and recreate a possible moveset for the Inklings from Splatoon and the upcoming Splatoon port for the Nintendo Switch. In the event they introduce an upgraded port of Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch!!

Splatoon Splatfest Battle Theme (Ink Me Up) Remix


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  1. When there is cool down on the neutral b, I feel like it would take away from the character. What if it just had the tank that it uses in the actual game?

    Also, the way you could recharge it would be by using down b in the ink, which could last for your entire stock, then disappear after you die, like pikmin or luma… just a thought. The vibe I get from putting inkling in smash is that he/she needs to be a good character, otherwise they will feel nothing like the games and no one will like them… so if inkling is confirmed for smash bros switch, I would expect at least a high tier character.

  2. I see the ink being like Fox's laser but when you get hit, you are covered in ink. When you are fully covered, you take pretty high knockback. Also I see the final smash being an Inkstrike that triggers a cut scene like Corrin's but it has the Splatoon/Team/Platoon that helps out the inkling and they use their special.

  3. I'd really like to see Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles. Here's basically a word-for-word copy of what I submitted to the Smash Bros Fighter Ballot, back when that was a thing:

    Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

    Neutral Special: Final Cross; Similar to Cloud's neutral special, releases a wave of energy in front of Fiora.

    Side Special: Spear Blade; Fiora rushes forward in a straight line, damaging/launching foes. Can be used to in the air to recover.

    Up Special: Double Wind; Similar to Captain Falcon/Ganondorf's Up Special, Fiora launches upwards and, if she hits an enemy, latches onto them before exploding upwards.

    Down Special: Drone Change; Switches between four modes: (Cannon, Gun, Sword, and Shield). Each boosts a different stat. Each time Fiora uses her Down Special, the drones cycle (Cannon-Gun-Sword-Shield). This mechanic works similar to Shulk's Monado Arts, however, the drones do not wear out after a certain period of time, and Fiora therefore must always have one active. When Fiora begins the battle, Cannon drones will be active. The stat boosts are as follows:
    -Cannon; Increases launching power
    -Gun; Increases speed
    -Sword; Increases damage
    -Shield; Decreases damage received from enemy attacks

    Final Smash: Depends on which drones she has equipped:
    -Cannon Drones; Similar to Samus' Final Smash. Fiora shoots a huge beam of energy in front of her. The angle can be adjusted.

    -Gun Drones; Similar to the third stage of Pit's Final Smash, but more powerful. Fiora shoots a series of powerful beams that home in on opponents.

    -Sword Drones; Similar to Ike/Robin/Cloud's Final Smash. Fiora performs a single hit and, if she hits a foe, launches them into the air and performs a quick series of hits on them before sending them crashing to the ground.

    -Shield Drones; Similar to Sonic's Final Smash. Grants full invincibility and flight for a short period of time. Foes are damaged on contact.

    Jabs, Tilts, Smashes, and Aerials: Various strikes with her twin swords.

  4. I feel like for the paint to work, they would have to have 8 splatoon colors. If the paint interrupts each other in 8 player smash, it could cause some major confusion and problems, so that kind of rules out the male feature, unless they add another 8 skins like little mac's.

    Paint effect: The inkling will have a paint bar that automatically recharges over time. Moves that use paint will slightly or majorly deplete this bar, depending on how much paint they will use. When this bar runs out, moves that have the use of paint will no longer shoot out paint, so some moves will turn out useless. Paint will do damage, as well as paint the opponent for a fun effect. It will slowly fade though, so the fun won't last long, plus it won't make it confusing. Although the paint does damage, some moves with a small amount of paint usage will not do knockback.


    Jab: Inkbrush flurry

    This move is similar to many other jabs, and the inkling attacks quickly in rapid succession with the ink brush. Decent range, but larger cooldown than other jabs.

    F-tilt: Inkbrush swipe

    Similar to the jab, but sprays a bit of paint, and deals more damage + knockback. No paint knockback

    D-tilt: Inkling dash

    Close to olimar's/pacman's d-tilt, where it takes a splattershot, shoots a quick shot, then dashes as a squid with the shot, shooting out a bit of paint and knocking the opponent up a slight bit, being a combo starter. No paint knockback.

    U-tilt: Inkbrush wave

    Another use of the inkbrush, being repetitive in close range. Swings around in a half circle above it, close to toon link, and other sword characters. Sprays small amount of paint. No paint knockback.

    Dash attack: Roller dash

    Inkling rushes forward, pulling out roller, spraying paint, and rolling some on whoever is in their way. No paint knockback.

    Note: Smashes still have small hitboxes with no paint.

    F-smash: Splatling Shooter

    Pulls out splatling and shoots as mentioned in the video. Paint does knockback

    D-smash: Slosher

    Pulls out sloshers and spins around, spraying paint in close range of it, as mentioned in the video. Paint does knockback

    U-smash: Charger shot

    Beam aims upwards, as the circle fills. Can slightly aim left of right during this process. When let go, paint shoots out, dealing most damage at the end, and paint falls to ground. Paint does knockback WHILE shooting out no knockback while falling


    N-air: Squid spin?

    Not many ideas for this, maybe turn into a squid and do a spin like villager's n-air, but with paint. No paint knockback.

    F-air: Roller spike

    Easily spikeable move, like dk and mario. Only sweetspot on roller, not handle. Separated hitboxes, from roller to handle, sweetspot only on bottom of roller. Large cooldown, but sprays paint. No paint knockback.

    D-air: Splattershot

    Sprays splatter shot downwards, having a mediocre spike at the start of the gun. Small spike with no paint. paint does knockback

    B-air: Mlg charger shot

    Inkling aims charger behind itself, and shoots a short distance. paint has same effect as u-smash


    N-special: Position-specific shooter

    Inkling fires splattershot offstage, splatling onstage, and shoots, similar to bayonetta's. Splatter shot no knockback. Spatling deals knockback

    Side-special: Bomb pull

    Inkling pulls out paint bomb, being throwable. Explodes after a while, even on self. deals knockback on impact

    Down-special: Ink recharge

    This move is one of the most important ones in inkling's entire moveset. In this move, inkling instantly summons paint, no matter the amount you have, and recharges in squid form, decreasing your hitbox, and charges your paint bar extremely fast. If used offstage, you will simply turn into a squid and fall, until you decide to let go of the button.

    U-special: Platform shot

    Similar to referred as in the video, you charge up, and shoot out. Paint will come out, and you will spin as a squid through the air, to the direction desired. Hitting opponents does not stop the recovery, but opponents will be able to hit you. Hit box is smaller if no paint, and if missed, you fall to your death as a squid, similar so sonic and megaman's recovery 😉

    Note: throws do not need ink, but without any will do less damage

    Pummel: Shooter shot

    Inkling will shoot out a shot from its gun, being able to pummel fast.

    U-throw: Splatling toss

    Inkling tossed opponent up slightly, and shoots with splatling

    F-throw: Inkbrush slash

    The inkling slashes with its infamous swipe, shooting the opponent forward with a final swipe.

    D-throw: splosher toss

    The inkling tosses the opponent down, then attacks with a final splosher blow.

    B-throw: Charger toss

    The inkling kicks the opponent backwards into the perfect position, then shoots them with charger shot. A kill throw.


    Roll: The inkling will squid its way to the side 😀

    Final smash: The inkling transforms into a combination of inkling powers, turning all of its specials into their powered forms. D-special allowing the kraken, side special initiating intnant, endless bomb throws, neutral special turning into zookas and killer wails, and u-special grounded creates the inkstrike, but once it's over, the havoc ends.

    Please give me feedback, for I will most likely respond! Leave a like if you want others to see this, and I hope you like these ideas!

  5. I think Inklings should be like the Mii fighters. You should be able to customise them like in the game and use all the weapons from Splatoon and the movepool would be based off the weapon you have.