How to Create Characters (the Design Process)


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  1. i usually draw disney-esque humanoid characters and when I try to draw quirky, unusual, not-exactly-human-shaped characters, I fail hard. Everything ends up looking "normal" and ordinary, and by quirky I mean characters who had larger heads and small bodies, or extremely thin-stick like figures and a baloon head that looks like those of Tim Burton's, etc. How to come up with a quirky character shape??

  2. Watching this be made is truly the most awe-inspiring thing… Like. If I try to draw how non-chalantly you draw, it looks like a scribble. But this actually, after doing nothing but make the jawline and the base head (WITH NOTHING ON IT TO SAY IT'S A HEAD) still looks like a head. It's so amazing. One day, once I start drawing 2000x better. I aspire to be this amazing.

  3. Guys do not try to draw perfect things like in the video,You can not do it,When your mother gave you a birth Your brain had to be talented and ability about drawing and imagination,Draw abilities can not improve on your own,Pray to God that's better choice…

  4. I'm taking notes on a bunch of your videos to prepare myself for a project I want to do over the next year and for the example for the pre-sketch thing I accidentally came up with the saddest character ever. D: oops lol