How to CLIMB in Overwatch Competitive


As requested, I decided to jot down a few of my thoughts on what players should be doing if they want to climb and succeed in Overwatch competitive. Timestamps below!

Correct Your Mentality: 00:49
Playing To Your Strengths: 05:43
Communication: 08:18
Group Up With Others: 11:06
Review Your Gameplay: 12:19

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  1. I am stuck in gold and I am great at leading a team through voice chat like you are but I always get matched with people who aren't even in the voice chat, would you suggest doing more duo and triple q

  2. The way you still manage to put out daily videos is really amazing! But i gotta admit, i used to really love watching all the vlogs and fun stuff you did with SeaPeeKay and others, those were some cool times.

  3. I had a good win streak, I was at 1450, I thought I could get to silver. Then in my next game, we had an ass Mercy who literally made 0 revives and we got stomped. She didn't use it at all. The enemies' Mercy made a 5 man revive after I got a quintuple. Bronze diarrhoea sweatshop.

  4. I've been stuck at 2100 range for so long, and I know I'm a diamond level player, I understand the game and the mechanics, I understand strategy with combo ults and taking certain fights, but i just can't even get to plat and it really frustrates me.