[193] The Hero’s Call (Let’s Play Overwatch PC w/ GaLm)


“What is Overwatch?”
“Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game emphasizes cooperative gameplay using a cast of various “heroes”, each with their own abilities and roles within a team.

The game was released on May 24, 2016 on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.”

(From wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overwatch_%28video_game%29 )

You can buy it on PC or the various consoles here:
Overwatch full game playlist:

Overwatch Beta…



  1. I'm so sorry that you played with the people who just have just smoked the biggest blunt ever. Love the Overwatch videos tho lol. Idk how you put up with the rapping and singing guy I would've snapped.

  2. Hey GaLm a good way to practice from what i heard is play a solo practice vs a bunch if Anas but have to headshot inly since ana cant headshot youll be fune. Use any character like mcree or genji or maybe even soldier and practice getting headshots. I heard its a good way to practice.

  3. Shouldn't have unmuted moose it was a big mistake. For me mic spammers people with broken mics and children are insta-muted. It's hard enough focusing in games without some annoying shit in my ear. I noticed your Ana gameplay was off I've seen you do amazing gameplay with her when you were focused. Also you gotta stop using the right click with Genji unless you're point blank with a tank. Pretty much every time I see you use the right click it either misses completely or only one shuriken hits. In some of your recent gameplay you didn't use it as much and I noticed your Genji gameplay was much better.

  4. Please Galm next time Mute people Like that, they don't shout anythign anyway about the game, it was just annoying listen that guy… Plus he was completly useless. How many elmins he got on attack like 2 and 1 because of the first ult?… And on the Second it took almost until the end to realize he wasn't doing any damage or kill and changin…
    It was the like 2ND time i was hoping for the next match to cming in the Video Sorry but just too annoying… Glad you and the Lucio Guy made it enjoiable to watch that!

    The Second Game instead, Really a great Match 😀

    What that guy said? With Ana Zoom in it's the best ahlf of the time, it's easier to land shots from Medium long range instead of missing 80% of them for no scoping…

  5. Galm, in this video you complained about being the healer constantly and the game expecting you to be able to change the tides of battle as that role. But it seems like you put yourself in that position. Normally you wait for all the attack roles to be taken just so you can heal or play defense even though you know that's not your strong suit. Why don't you aim for attack roles?